NE-ATD01 Rotary Jet Plasma Treater
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Atmospheric direct-injection plasma surface treatment machine consists of a control host and a direct-injection spray gun: the host is connected to a power supply and compressed air, and the plasma control module, compressed air.

Composed of a control module and an operation panel; the plasma spray gun is composed of an intermediate electrode, an external electrode, an insulating area and a nozzle, both of which transmit compressed air and high pressure through a flexible conduit.

The electric energy and the main engine have functions such as over-current protection, short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, power monitoring, etc., and can communicate with the PLC of the station, and can set the influence on the operation panel.

Power parameters, pressure parameters, temperature parameters, etc. of processing effects.

Plasma surface treatment technology features:

1) The surface of the treated material increases roughness due to etching, or forms a dense cross-linked layer,

2) Oxygen-containing polar groups can be introduced to improve the adhesion of the bamboo surface;

(3) Only the surface of the material is treated without affecting the performance of the material matrix;

4) Plasma is a spray-like body, which can treat the front and side of the product at the same time, and is suitable for surface treatment of three-dimensional objects;

5) Plasma treatment has short action time, high efficiency, simple process, convenient operation and no pollution.

Common applications of atmospheric direct injection plasma surface treatment machine:

3C industry

Mobile phone assembly and bonding, camera module, earphone bonding, mobile phone TP middle frame surface to remove organic pollutants, improve surface adhesion, and increase bonding strength.

Metallic material

Gold plating, silver plating, soldering, removal of surface organic matter and oxides, improvement of surface hydrophilic wettability,

Plastic polymer material

Surface activation modification, bonding, and pre-screen printing treatment improve hydrophilic performance and increase the service life of bonding printing.

Lithium battery industry

Bonding, welding, packaging, and blue film treatment on the surface of the battery case can effectively remove surface pollutants and improve surface adhesion.


Output Power Range0W-1000W(Adjustable)
Processing width50mm
Processing height5-15mm
Processing temperature50-100℃
Processing rate10-300mm/s
Enter the power supplythe power supply 220VAC±20% 50-60Hz
Overall dimensionsWide * deep * high(414.5mm*534mm*152.5mm)



Fast Deposition Rate

Fast Deposition Rate


Good Film Quality

Good Film Quality


Process Stability

Process Stability


High Productivity

High Productivity


Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic


Simple Operation

Simple Operation


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