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Automotive trim parts have the function of decorating and beautifying cars, and the quality of their decorative effect directly affects the internal and external image of the car. Automotive trim parts are composed of various materials, ranging from custom-made metal blanks to sheet-molded composite materials (SMC) and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP), to composite plastics, which have extremely different surface properties. However, the surface energy of these raw materials is relatively low, so before using structural adhesives, the surface needs to be properly treated to remove surface dirt, dust, oil, grease, moisture, mold release agents, plasticizers, etc., and at the same time, increase the surface energy of the substrate to make it higher than the surface energy of the structural adhesive, thereby ensuring that the structural adhesive can fully wet the surface of the substrate. This is crucial for achieving a strong, reliable, and durable bond. 

Plasma activation technology mainly bombards the plasma onto the surface to be treated, and forms highly active chemical bonds with the treated surface. Highly active chemical bonds are more prone to react with other substances and form stable chemical bonds, thereby achieving the goal of improving adhesion and bonding effects. Plasma surface treatment can be used to replace the existing primer-assisted adhesion process and improve the bonding stability of automotive trim parts.

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