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In the electronic packaging industry, plasma cleaning technology is used to enhance the soldering quality of solder wire/balls and the adhesion strength between chips and epoxy resin encapsulants. The packaging process directly affects the yield of lead frame chip products, and the biggest source of problems in the entire packaging process is particles, oxides, and epoxy resins on chips and lead frames. Depending on the different pollutants occurring at different stages, different plasma cleaning processes can be added before different processes, generally distributed before dispensing, wire bonding, and encapsulation.


Before applying silver paste for packaging: greatly improve the surface roughness and hydrophilicity of the workpiece, which is conducive to the leveling of silver paste and chip bonding and can greatly save the amount of silver paste and reduce costs.


Cleaning before pressure welding: clean the solder pad, improve the welding conditions, and improve the reliability and yield of the welding line.


Encapsulation: improve the reliability of the adhesion between the encapsulant and the product and reduce the risk of delamination.


Cleaning of BGA and PFC substrates: Plasma surface treatment of the solder pads on the substrate before mounting can make the surface of the solder pads clean, roughened, and activated, greatly improving the success rate of one-time mounting.


Lead frame cleaning: Plasma treatment can achieve the effect of ultra-purification and activation of the lead frame surface, improving the bonding quality of the chip.

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