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Based on the mechanical interlocking theory and chemical bond theory, researchers have found that surface modification of the substrate can change the crystal morphology and surface morphology of the material, increase the surface roughness of the substrate, and enhance the mechanical interlocking of the coating / substrate interface. Changing the chemical composition of the surface, increasing the surface polarity and surface energy of the material, removing the weak boundary layer of the material, etc., improving the wettability of the material surface, enhancing the chemical bonding between the coating / substrate and the intermolecular force, thereby improving the adhesion performance of the coating. 

Plasma treatment 

The plasma treatment is mainly used to treat the surface of the substrate by plasma generated by glow discharge, corona discharge, etc. The highly active particles in the plasma act on the surface of the substrate, and the etching effect on the surface of the substrate causes the surface of the substrate to form free radicals. The active particles and free radicals are compounded, so that the surface of the substrate attracts new functional groups or forms new cross-linked structures. 

Three mechanisms of plasma enhanced adhesion properties of materials : plasma treatment increases the surface energy of the material and promotes the adsorption between the materials ; the etching effect of the plasma on the surface of the material promotes the mechanical interlocking effect of the material interface and the reaction between the free radicals generated on the surface of the plasma radiation material and the binder, resulting in chemical bonding to enhance the bonding strength between the materials. 

Plasma surface modification technology only acts on the surface of the material, and endows the surface of the material with new properties by changing the chemical composition or microstructure of the material surface. The plasma treatment method can effectively improve the wettability of the substrate surface and the adhesion between the substrate and the coating, thereby improving the adhesion performance of the coating.


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