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Plasma-coating is the process of ionizing monomer vapor to produce free radicals, which then undergo mutual reactions to form polymer and finally deposit onto material surfaces. Plasma polymerization technology can prepare uniform and pinhole-free films on various material surfaces with good adhesion to substrates, exhibiting excellent thermal stability, mechanical performance, and chemical stability.


Compared with traditional methods, plasma polymerization has several advantages: (1) the monomers used are not limited to unsaturated organic compounds, saturated hydrocarbons or inorganic materials can also participate in reactions, which widens the choice of monomers; (2) plasma polymerization is a dry process that does not require solvents, reducing environmental pollution; (3) plasma polymerization has no restrictions on the substrate materials, expanding its application fields, and the resulting polymer has high crosslinking, good stability, and adhesion; (4) the properties of the polymer deposition can be controlled by adjusting the reaction parameters of plasma polymerization, enabling the adjustment of the physicochemical structure of the polymer.


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